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    Barnton Avenue West

    We were recently honoured with the opportunity to design, manufacture and install all wardrobes, study, kitchen, utility room, pantry, laundry, under stair storage, playroom, Pod and bathroom furniture for a prestigious project.

    The kitchen consisted of a very large island which incorporated the sink, hob with downward extractor built in and seating space on the rear, we used a frame and shaker style for the doors. The back wall had full height units with Miele appliances.

    All bedrooms we manufactured and designed wardrobes, these were constructed from oak veneered MDF each wardrobe had a selection of shelves, hanging rails and drawers with push to open functions, all doors were push to open also, we incorporated an LED light on each side of the wardrobe which turned on automatically when any door was opened. We stained these with white was stain and coated with a clear 5% lacquer.

    In the master ensuite, we manufactured a very large vanity with terrazzo top and splash backs, we incorporated 2 sinks which had drawers underneath and space in the middle to sit under with a chair to get ready. The doors and drawers where all push to open and handless. The panelling on the back end of the vanity formed the area for the toilet which we built in a unit above to hold toiletries etc..

    The under stair storage was a mix of black and white oak veneered MDF units, We had to follow the angle of the stair and manufacture our units with precision to make sure this fitted seamlessly, on the white side there is a tall unit for storage and to the right hand side of this is a door with a curved top which when open closes of the hallway to the lounge and when closed fits seamlessly into the opened formed and sits perfectly flush.

    The pod/Playroom furniture was again made in oak veneered MDF but stained black with vertical uprights to make it look more elegant. The pod was designed to make it look like it was free standing with the panelling finishing 25mm of the floor and ceiling. On the playroom side we had cupboards top and bottom with some open shelving on the sides and ample space in the middle for a large tv. Inside the pod was the pantry which was manufactured in the same style as the kitchen making it all look the same. We had sliding doors to the entrance of the pantry when closed these made it look like the panelling was completed on both sides.

    In order to ensure successful completion of the project, we worked diligently with the clients to ensure that all design requirements were met with the utmost precision. We collaborated closely with the client to ensure that the designs were tailored to their exact specifications and requirements.

    Additionally, we kept meticulous records of all designs and stored them in a secure, safe manner. We also managed the procurement of all materials and equipment for the project with the utmost care. During the manufacturing process, we consistently ensured that all products were constructed to the highest standards of excellence and that they met all safety and regulatory requirements.

    In order to guarantee a successful installation, we worked diligently with our installation team to guarantee that all products were installed with the utmost precision and in a timely manner.

    Through our expertise and commitment to quality, we successfully completed the project within budget and on time. The client was extremely satisfied with the end results, and we are proud to have contributed to the successful completion of the project.

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